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Wedding Dates

Carmela and Mario wanted to set a date for their wedding. I said to Carm, “John is older; he should get married first. His younger brother got married before him.” Carmela was very upset about it, but I wouldn't give in.

John and Rose set their wedding date for May 25, 1952. Carmela and Mario set their wedding date for June 22, 1952. We had two weddings in a little over three weeks. It was a very busy time. I had to buy two outfits for me and dresses for Ann and Phyl.

The Giangolas had a shower in Philadelphia for Carmela. Carmela, her sister Phyl and I went by train. I had not traveled by train in over 20 years. They came to pick us up in a car at the station. We went to Mario's parents' home. Then Mario's father drove a car full of people over one hour to get to where they were giving the shower. I sat sideways to make room; the next day my back was hurting. When I got home, my back was still hurting. I went to a doctor and he sent me to a specialist. One of my discs had slipped. They made me a metal brace. I had to wear it for three years. It was uncomfortable, but I learned to wear it.

I went to a shower given for Rose, then another shower given in Closter for Carmela.

John and Rose were married at Saint Cecilia's in Englewood, N.J. A friend of Rose's parents, Father Grey, was a priest there. He performed the marriage. They had four bridesmaids and four ushers; John's brother Tony was best man and Rose's cousin Josephine maid of honor. The wedding was beautiful. The reception was held at Casa Mana in Teaneck. About 150 people came to a sit down dinner. Everyone danced and they all had a joyous time. My husband and Rose's father looked handsome in their tuxedos. We would tease my husband and tell him, “You look like a different man when you are out of your work clothes.”

John and Rose went to Florida for their honeymoon. They had rented an apartment, gotten all new furniture and settled down in their apartment when they came back from their honeymoon. They loved each other and they were very happy. John still worked for his dad.
1952: Rose and John joined in matrimony
1952: Mario and Carmela reception entrance

1952: Mario and Carmela
Three weeks after John and Rose's wedding came Carmela and Mario's wedding. They also had four bridesmaids and ushers; Ann was one of the bridesmaids and her sister Phyl was the maid of honor. One of Mario's best friends was the best man. They were married in our little Saint Mary's church. People were standing outside the church. We were surprised at how many relatives and friends came from Philadelphia to come to the wedding. The metal brace made for me was ready and I started to wear it on Carmela's wedding day. It did relieve the pain a little. The brace made me stand straight.

There were 150 people at the reception. The reception was held at the Old Hook Inn, a restaurant. It was a sit down dinner. Everyone thought the bride looked lovely and the reception was just fine. Everyone danced to the music. My husband and I loved to dance the polka, but I couldn't do it on account of my back. I had to settle for dancing the waltzes. My husband danced the polka with our daughters.

Carmela and Mario went to Virginia Beach for their honeymoon. When they came back they went to live in an apartment in North Philadelphia. Mario was working as a hair stylist in Philadelphia. Carm would call me once a week and I would call her once a week. We missed each other very much. Carm used to say on Fridays she could smell fish in the hallway. She would get very blue because it reminded her of home. On Friday I always cooked fish. They would visit as often as they could. Mario and his parents were very good to Carm. His mother used to love to introduce her to her friends. Carm and Mario lived in Philadelphia for one year.

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steve hitz    cleveland, ga Saturday, September 8 2007, 09:16 am
my dad's uncle used to own the casa mana, in teaneck, n.j. his name was emil feld. i was just cruisin' goggle and found this site. best wishes to all.
Aunt Carm    Closter, NJ 07624 Sunday, April 1 2001, 04:28 pm
You finally got the picture. From Wedding Album to
scanner to you to the Internet, the picture turned
out quite well.
Keep up the good work!! Anything else you need let
us know.
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