PCL5 File Documents

Horizontal Motion Index (HMI)
Vertical Motion Index (VMI)
Print Black Page (Print Model)
Cursor Positioning, Absolute
Cursor Positioning, Row and Column
Print Direction
Paper Source, Manual Feed
Sending Escape Sequences in DOS
Maximum Printable Page
Relative Cursor Positioning
Download Soft Fonts
Display Functions (Debug Mode)
Symbol Set Selection
Transparent Print Data
Cursor Positioning (Using Dots)
Using PJL Commands
Macro Call Command
Macro Execute Command
Macros (General)
Macro Overlay
Common PJL Commands for the LJ4 Family
Combined Modes of Raster Graphics
Reverse Pattern Text
Shadow Text Using Print Model
Drawing Rectangles (PCL)
HPGL to HPGL/2 Commands
Default Environment in HPGL/2
Entering HPGL/2 Mode
Page Eject Commands (PCL)
Introduction to HPGL/2
Relative Arc (HPGL/2)
Simple Drawings in HPGL/2
Using Scaling Effectively (HPGL/2)
Creating a Mirror Image (HPGL/2)
Adapting HPGL/2 to Match PCL
Using the Input Window (IW) Command (HPGL/2)
Drawing Equal Size Pictures (HPGL/2)
Drawing Basic Wedges (HPGL/2)
Filling Wedges and Circles (HPGL/2)
Using Edge Rectangle Absolute (HPGL/2)
Varying the Chord Angle (HPGL/2)
Using Arc Relative (HPGL/2)
Using the Absolute Arc (AT) Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Bezier Relative (BR) Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Bezier Absolute (BZ) Command (HPGL/2)
Chord Angle Effects on Circle Smoothness (HPGL/2)
Changing Radii and Line Types on Circles (HPGL/2)
Drawing Lines (HPGL/2)
Using the Pen Down (PD) Commands (HPGL/2)
Drawing Circles (HPGL/2)
Using the Plot Relative (PR) Command (HPGL/2)
Drawing Arcs (HPGL/2)
Drawing Bezier Curves (HPGL/2)
Drawing Rectangles Using EA and ER (HPGL/2)
Drawing Filled Rectangles (HPGL/2)
Using the Edge Polygon (EP) Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Edge Wedge (EW) Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Fill Polygon (FP) Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Polygon Mode (PM) Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Fill Rectangle Relative Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Fill Wedge Command (HPGL/2)
Filling then Edging vs. Edging then Filling (HPGL/2)
Changing the Anchor Corner (HPGL/2)
Using the Fill Type Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Line Attribute Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Pen Width Command (HPGL/2)
Creating and Printing a Raster Fill (HPGL/2)
Using the Symbol Mode Command (HPGL/2)
Using the User Defined Line Type Command (HPGL/2)
Printing Labels (HPGL/2)
Using the Character Fill Mode Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Character Plot Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Absolute Direction Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Relative Direction Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Define Variable Text Path Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Extra Space Command (HPGL/2)
User Defined Patterns (PCL)
Using the Select Primary Font Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Select Secondary Font Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Label Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Label Orgin Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Absolute Character Size Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Character Slant Command (HPGL/2)
Using the Relative Character Size Command (HPGL/2)

Laserjet II escape codes