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Chapter V - Growing Family, Anthony

I was becoming aware of American politics. Although I still read only an Italian newspaper I found myself understanding English words and phrases. I was becoming Americanized. There was a period of restlessness for me because I wanted a better life for us.

My husband quit his job and opened a vegetable and fruit store. We had three children. Orazio, the baby, was a year and a half old. After a few months of operation the new venture failed.

Nicola went back to work and we moved to a bigger place. We needed a bigger place for our growing family. I was pregnant with our fourth child (Anthony). Life was monotonous for me.

My brother Joe (Guiseppe) had returned from serving in the Italian army. He suggested that I read some books. I told him I couldn't afford to buy any. He suggested that I go and borrow some from the library. I was unaware of this benefit. I thought a library was for reference only. I still didn't believe this so I said, "Guiseppe, are you kidding me? Can I check out books?" He assured me I could check out as many as I wanted to. I went to the library, where a library card was issued to me, and I brought some books home. I read many books, all in the Italian language. They kept be absorbed and provided interesting material for a young mother, 23 years old, with four young children.

Times were good. It was 1920 when Harding was elected our new president. I became more interested in politics as I found out that the Republican Party had taken over. To me Republicans stood for wealth and work and these two aspects of this political party were important for me at the very vital time of my growing family. We needed all the money we could get and there was the hope that maybe someday we would have even more.

A recession developed and lasted for the next two years. Life was not easy then. Because we had no modern conveniences, clothes had to be washed by hand in a tub with a washboard. They had to be boiled to make them safe and sanitary. Washing clothes was a typical day's duty. I did not mind it at all because I was very proud of my clean wash hanging outside on the line.

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