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Webmasters Note

My name is Richard Anthony DeVenezia, one of Marie's grandchildren through her son Richard. This website is an interactive presentation of her book "A Grain of Sand" published in 1979. The only changes made were breaking up the longer chapters and selecting a heading for each chapter. Any omissions or biases in the headings are my own and not of the author.

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Readers Comments:
Judy Wagner    Washington DC Wednesday, February 26 2003, 02:21 pm
I was checking out "Irvington" on Google, and came across this web site with the DeVenezia name. My two aunts, Rose and Vi Kedersha, were friends with Marie, and they were always mentioning her when I was a child. They were always going to this or that club meeting with her. (Neither of them had married) This memoir by your grandma is very touching. It's interesting to me that what matters in the end (as people sum up their lives) is their families ... friends are there, but not worth mentioning at an older age. My memoir would be the same, I think, though I know I will never write one.
What motivated your Grandma to write this?
Judy Wagner
Victoria Dunne    London Friday, December 6 2002, 10:49 am

I'd love to know if this book is still in print? Please contact me on the above email address. Many thanks.

Mimi    Northwest US Thursday, September 26 2002, 09:35 am
Richard, thanks for sharing this story with us.
We'd love to see some photos to go along with the story!

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