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Chapter XXIV - Paris

Back in Paris we had reserved five days for the last lap of our trip. We wanted to take a look at the capital of France.

The first thing to do was to look for lodging. We went to an agency and were given a few addresses. We selected a place that was convenient and at a price we could afford. Breakfast and dinner were offered with the plan.

After we unpacked we decided to go out and take a look around although we were tired. We wanted to be ready for the next day so we didn't venture far.

I noticed there were busses stopped in front of the railroad station and there were signs on the fronts of the busses telling where they were headed. Usually it was to a point of interest.

I also noticed a large map of the city of Paris. Paris, it seemed to me, was laid out like a huge spider web and the starting point was always where the railroad was. Then it opened into other centers down the line. That information enabled us to travel by bus instead of a taxi, which we hardly could afford.

We chose the places we wanted to visit and usually we would tell the bus driver where we wanted to get off. It worked very well. We did hire a taxi if the route were complicated. We enjoyed most of the sights that tourists usually go abroad to see. I loved the Seine River with its trees and bridges and the Elysian Fields with their gardens, impressive statues, fountains, beautiful tall trees and flowerbeds and more flowers.

We would leave in the morning and return at dinnertime feeling tired. After dinner we would retire to rest.

I was amazed that gambling in Paris was done on the streets. We shopped in stores for souvenirs to bring home.

The five days went very fast but we did need that much time for ourselves. In Italy relatives and friends were always around us so we had no time for other things we might have done.

On the fifth day we got up early, paid our bill and left for the train and Cherbourg, France, where the Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to take us back home.

On the train I was musing about all of the things I had seen and done. I remembered all of the promises. Lots of them were never to be kept, because people asked for things you are in no position to satisfy.

Before we knew it the eight-hour train ride was over. I have pondered about how time flies when your mind is busy. I also came to the conclusion that when going on a trip one anticipates events beyond one's control, has anxiety for things one wants to do and the uncertainty of the unforeseen beckons.

Upon returning, one rests on an accomplished project.

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