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I would like to make a few observations I have acquired in the course of my long life.

One does not need a lot of money to have a happy, fruitful life. Happiness and fulfillment are all around us. Our minds must be open to grasp the real and not to chase a mirage that leads to nowhere. Hope without faith is an empty shell. I have seen events unravel like a picture on the screen, the screen of my life. I feel immense progress has been registered in the passing of time but there has also been regression in some areas. We are standing at the edge of a precipice, and either we look back at our mistakes and mend them or face the painful consequences. The world needs us and we need the world. Let's unite in the common cause, peace. When the world came to be there were no barriers. We raised them. Let's bring them down and start anew. I came to America when I was very young, grew and matured here. I feel this is my country but let no one forget where I first saw the light of day. There are opportunities unlimited here, but evil forces are at work to cripple the due process of growth. Let all Americans march as one, armed with the torch of light, truth, kindness and compassion, not only for a few, but for all of mankind.

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