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A Grain of Sand


Marie DeVenezia

Originally Printed By
Compton Press


Copyright © 1978
All Rights Reserved
Library of Congress
Catalog Card No.: 78-75229

"I will bless thee, and I will
multiply thy seed as the stars of
heaven, and as the sand that is by the
sea shore..."

-- Genesis: Chapter 22; Verse 17 --


This work would not have been possible without the continuous assistance of my daughter Helen. I am grateful and thankful to her for all the work she has contributed.

I also thank Linda, my granddaughter, for the long hours of work she gave because she and her mother believed it would be done.

I want to thank my dear daughter Marie for all the encouragement she gave me to continue this work. Many times I vacillated, because I felt age and time were against me.

I sincerely want to extend my thanks and gratitude to all of my loyal assistants for all the time and love they have unselfishly given to a cause in which they believed.


This narrative will show the life of an immigrant in America, not only through the hardships endured, but also through the compensation of a hard life sustained by God's guidance and by faith in the adopted country.

It pays tribute to a country which gave immigrants a home and the opportunity for honest and productive lives for themselves and their families.

This was an achievement made possible through faith in God, themselves, and the country that received them.

I want it known that the task of bringing this narrative to light was initiated by two of my daughters, Marie and Helen. I did not believe it was possible for me to be able to put on paper the facts of my life. I want to show them their faith in me made this possible.

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Readers Comments:
Claudette Bodnar    Aliso Viejo CA Monday, July 12 2004, 02:42 pm
My Grandmother's maiden name was Marie Domenica DeVenezia from Avellino Italy. She married Guiseppe Pastore and he came to the US in 1903. My Grandmother followed a little over a year later. Please email
Luca    Castelletto Ticino, Italy Sunday, August 25 2002, 04:11 pm
Hi,I'm Luca from Italy.
I'm Elena's boyfriend...
You maybe don't know who Elena is...
Elena is a member of De Venezia's family as well!!!
She lives in the North of Italy and this evening she told me about this book (she has a copy at home).
Then I searched on Internet for some informations about her family in U.S. but I didn't think that a Devenezia.com site exists...
Tomorrow I'll tell her everything but I would like, if you can, to have some contacts (e-mail addresses) of De Venezia in the U.S.

Sorry for my really bad English...

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