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Chapter V - War, Orazio

In 1914 World War I broke out. At first America was not involved, but later when President Wilson was elected for the second term his promise of keeping us out of the war did not hold. Due to circumstances and provocation our country entered the war.

Nicola was drafted. He was classified fourth class for having a family of four.

We moved to a better place, which had three rooms, running water and an inside bathroom. Each day we lived in fear and anxiety because the newspaper headlines about our involvement scared me. I prayed that a miracle would happen and that somehow the war would end.

A year later a pact was signed between Italy and the United States. This affected my husband since it was specified that every Italian man had to serve in the war in Italy or in America since Italy was now one of our allies. My brother, who owned property in Italy, decided to go there. He had already served in the Italian army. My brother urged Nicola to go, too, because his immediate family was there, but my husband declined. He felt he was needed in America and it was his obligation to serve here.

At this time I was carrying my third child and I was pleased that he had made this decision.

The war was a nightmare. More and more men were replacing the ones who had died in it. During these furious battles those classified in the third classification were called to serve. I had my third child then, a boy (Orazio), but the fighting was depriving us of happiness. Then those who were classified as fourth were being called. I thought, for sure, my husband would have to serve. We were resigned to fulfilling our duty to this country.

Then one day, like a miracle, the sirens began to scream. People ran in the streets. It was the eleventh of November and the armistice had been signed!

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