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Comments and Thanks / Mixed doubles round robin tournament
« Last post by Santie on November 22, 2020, 11:35:18 AM »
We want to schedule a round robin with rotating partners where only mixed doubles are being played.  What is the ideal number of players (12 or more) and do you have a schedule for such tournament? 

[moderator comment: please look at the spouse avoiding schedules here even if your players are not couples since they are the most balanced schedules possible. If you have a more specific question, please register and leave a message in the requests section.
Requests / Re: Help with rotation for 9 couples playing mixed doubles on 4 courts
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on November 20, 2020, 03:50:09 AM »
I don't think what you ask is possible, as the spouse pairs must sit out together to make a balanced schedule. Here is an example.
Requests / Help with rotation for 9 couples playing mixed doubles on 4 courts
« Last post by Jim W on November 18, 2020, 04:48:35 PM »
I have been using the rotation for round robin mixed doubles - 8 couples, 4 courts, where the husbands do not play with their wives and the rotation keeps them from playing against their spouse as well.  We now have 9 couples and need a rotation where a man and a woman sit out each round (not the husband and wife of the same couple sitting out at the same time.)  Any thoughts?
Fabulous!  I am very grateful for your help.  Thanks!
Here is a schedule with 6 rounds and 7 courts that I think you can use.  No pair of players occurs twice together, so if you are prepared to rotate after every round, then the mixing will be optimal.

For each row play the game (P1 P2 vs P3 P4).  Hope that helps.

(if you are logged in you can download the schedule as an Excel file below)
Yes, there are 4 players on each court, but they are playing with individual scores. The one person with the highest total at the end of 6 games wins.  That's why I want it mixed up, so that there aren't comments about 'that participant played against a lower skilled player more than I did'.

Do you have another idea?  I am new to this, as you can probably tell!  I am appreciative of your assistance.
I still don't see it.  Lets say players A, B, C and D start on court 1.   The 2 games they play might be:

AB vs CD
AC vs BD

but then the pairs of players  AD & BC have opposed each other twice.  If you want the maximum mixing then you have to rotate after every game.

I do have it correct that you are playing doubles rather than singles?
Yes, I was hoping not to have the any participants playing each other twice.  Each rotation (games 1 and 2, change courts on games 3 and 4, change courts on games 5 and 6) would totally mixed up all players during each rotation.  Perhaps my request is not possible then?  Thanks!
If 4 players are sent to one court, and there are two games without any rotation, then surely the same 4 players end up playing each other twice?  This seems to be at odds with the request to not play with the same players.  Have I misunderstood something?  Thanks.
I need help please with setting this up so that players never play with the same people.  Games 1 and 2 on the first court, games 3/4 on another court, games 5/6 on another court.  They won't be playing against all players in the event, but I just don't want them to play any of the same players throughout the six games.  Thanks for any assistance you can provide!