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Requests / Re: Round robin to play all players except your teammates
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on May 25, 2019, 08:37:57 AM »

Let's say there are 3 4-person teams [ABCD], [EFGH] and [IJKL]. Then you could play the following 8 rounds:

(C E) (D G) (B K) (A L) (H J) (F I)
(D H) (A K) (G I) (E J) (B F) (C L)
(A I) (F J) (G L) (C H) (D K) (B E)
(G J) (H I) (D F) (C K) (B L) (A E)
(F K) (C G) (B H) (A J) (E I) (D L)
(E L) (B J) (A H) (D I) (C F) (G K)
(A F) (H L) (E K) (B G) (C I) (D J)
(B I) (D E) (C J) (F L) (A G) (H K)

which I think covers all pairs of players between teams. Does that work, or did you have a different number (or size) of teams in mind?

Requests / Re: 20 teams, 10 dif games, 10 rounds...
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on May 24, 2019, 02:53:44 AM »
Welcome back!   I have placed some schedules in the attached Excel file for 14, 28 and 40 teams.  Hope that helps.
Requests / Re: 11 golfers 4 rounds
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on May 23, 2019, 02:02:49 AM »
11 golfers is not enough to have a balanced schedule playing rounds in foursomes.  You could take this schedule for 12 players and simply delete player 12 to get what you want.
Thanks much!
Requests / 11 golfers 4 rounds
« Last post by Roles86 on May 22, 2019, 06:27:37 AM »
Hi All

Off to Turkey for 7 hopefully wonderful days and five cracking rounds of golf!

I have been trying to work how best to schedule 11 golfers over 5 days.  The first day we always play a room mate pairs, which we will do , however there will be a 3 ball.

It does leave 4 days where I am trying to schedule 2 x 4 balls and one 3 ball.

Any suggestion would be massively appreciated.

Requests / Re: 20 teams, 10 dif games, 10 rounds...
« Last post by sausage041 on May 21, 2019, 12:40:12 PM »
So I guess the inevitable request this year is for a 40 team schedule, hopefully this will be it.  So 40 teams will have 20 locations.  We only play the first 10-12 rounds of the round robin (feel free to post more than 12 though). No team should play another team or at another location twice in that time.

I also don't think my 14 and 28 team schedules are accurate, same parameters as above.  Regarding the 14 team schedule, I have one that is spread over 10 locations instead of 6, is that possible for 14 teams?

Requests / Round robin to play all players except your teammates
« Last post by wsucards on May 21, 2019, 09:06:28 AM »
We run a cribbage tournament consisting of 4-person teams, but each player competes for themselves in addition to competing for the team. The idea is that each player plays all the players from the other teams, but teammates do not play against each other. When we have an even number of teams, it's easy to set up a rotation to make this happen (we have a rotation of the teams, then within that, we rotate through all the individual matchups). However, if we have an odd number of teams, we want to find a rotation that will eliminate the need for having byes, while still not matching up teammates. Any suggestions?

I've used this site for other, similar things and have been very happy with it. Thanks for putting this together!

As the tournament has one player with a bye each round, there must be a multiple of 7 rounds if everyone is going to have the same number of byes, and therefore play in the same number of games.   So 7 rounds is a much better choice than 6.  The following should works for one division of 7:

(1 2 4)  v  (3 6 5)
(2 3 5)  v  (4 7 6)
(3 4 6)  v  (5 1 7)
(4 5 7)  v  (6 2 1)
(5 6 1)  v  (7 3 2)
(6 7 2)  v  (1 4 3)
(7 1 3)  v  (2 5 4)

where player pairs partner twice and oppose 3 times.
Requests / 14 players, 2 divisions, 3v3; All players play with & against equally
« Last post by mccjamb on May 19, 2019, 11:08:38 PM »

I'm planning a volleyball tournament for 14 players in 2 divisions. 1 game court for each division. Games will be 3v3. In each division each player must play against and with each other player the same number of times.
In the end, the top 3 of each division would play each other in a Championship game.
Preferably, there would be no more than 6 rounds (but 7 would be ok if 6 is impossible, just not preferred).

Would greatly appreciate some assistance is how this could work as I'm at a loss at this point.

- 14 players, 2 divisions of 7 players
- 2 courts (1 for each division)
- 3v3 w/ 1 player bye each round
- Each player plays with each other same number of times 
- No more than 7 rounds
Thanks for any assistance!
Requests / Re: Need help creating a 23 team random pair round robin
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on May 18, 2019, 03:35:09 AM »
How many boats are there in a flight?

Unfortunately my Excel generator workbook does not work on a Mac, however you can get some of the schedules from Richard's web page here.