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Requests / Re: 12 game season with 5 teams and no byes
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on July 12, 2019, 01:38:25 AM »
If you download the Excel generator, then this will make a double round-robin for 5 teams. Then if I understand correctly add on a single round-robin, to give a total of 15 rounds.  In each round, one team must have a bye as there is an odd number of teams.
Requests / 12 game season with 5 teams and no byes
« Last post by pdean814 on July 11, 2019, 07:08:05 PM »
Hope someone can help me. I am scheduled a softball season with 5 teams in league for 12 games and can't have byes as it would extend season too long.

Can anyone help me?

Requests / Re: 8 teams with 2 byes
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on July 11, 2019, 05:05:30 AM »
There will need to be 10 rounds to play all the matches, so two teams will have duty twice.  I think the schedule below will work and it should be fairly easy to assign the duty teams once you have written down the byes in each round.

(D E) (---) (---)
(B G) (C H) (A F)
(A B) (D F) (C E)
(E H) (B C) (A G)
(A C) (F G) (D H)
(B F) (A E) (C D)
(D G) (B H) (C F)
(A H) (E G) (B D)
(C G) (F H) (B E)
(E F) (A D) (G H)

Requests / 8 teams with 2 byes
« Last post by Wim on July 10, 2019, 06:10:11 AM »
I need a schedule for 8 teams, 6 of them play at the same day, 1 team is on duty, and 1 team is free.
So, 3 matches each day, 2 byes. If e.g. team 1 and 2 are bye, they will have to meet another day.
Thanks in advance! Wim
Requests / Re: 16 person, 4 table, 15 rounds euchre tourney
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on July 09, 2019, 03:06:07 AM »
Near the top of this page there is a link "Visit the pages that inspired the forum".  If you click on this, then click on Whist tables for 4n players, you can generate the 16 player schedule that you are looking for.

There is a vast amount of stuff on Whist tournaments (including how to handle 4n+1 players) on Durango Bill's page here.
Requests / 16 person, 4 table, 15 rounds euchre tourney
« Last post by leadpipe on July 08, 2019, 12:48:59 PM »
I've searched the site and could not find anything.. I did find a 8 round 16 person template but I'm looking for a 15 round, 16 person round  robin where you play against everyone twice and play with your partner just once.... I went to a euchre fun website and their 16 person board has player 1 playing against player 2,  seven of the last eight rounds, so that's not right.. Thank you in advance for helping me with this...
Requests / Re: Beer olympics!
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on July 05, 2019, 02:49:52 AM »
With 16 teams there are 15 possible opponents, so what you want is a square schedule with 15 rounds and 15 events, and each team exactly once in each round and once in each column.  Here's a schedule you could use with the teams labelled A to P:

(P A) (---) (H K) (---) (---) (B C) (---) (I O) (---) (E M) (---) (J N) (G L) (---) (D F)
(E G) (P B) (---) (I L) (---) (---) (C D) (---) (J A) (---) (F N) (---) (K O) (H M) (---)
(---) (F H) (P C) (---) (J M) (---) (---) (D E) (---) (K B) (---) (G O) (---) (L A) (I N)
(J O) (---) (G I) (P D) (---) (K N) (---) (---) (E F) (---) (L C) (---) (H A) (---) (M B)
(N C) (K A) (---) (H J) (P E) (---) (L O) (---) (---) (F G) (---) (M D) (---) (I B) (---)
(---) (O D) (L B) (---) (I K) (P F) (---) (M A) (---) (---) (G H) (---) (N E) (---) (J C)
(K D) (---) (A E) (M C) (---) (J L) (P G) (---) (N B) (---) (---) (H I) (---) (O F) (---)
(---) (L E) (---) (B F) (N D) (---) (K M) (P H) (---) (O C) (---) (---) (I J) (---) (A G)
(B H) (---) (M F) (---) (C G) (O E) (---) (L N) (P I) (---) (A D) (---) (---) (J K) (---)
(---) (C I) (---) (N G) (---) (D H) (A F) (---) (M O) (P J) (---) (B E) (---) (---) (K L)
(L M) (---) (D J) (---) (O H) (---) (E I) (B G) (---) (N A) (P K) (---) (C F) (---) (---)
(---) (M N) (---) (E K) (---) (A I) (---) (F J) (C H) (---) (O B) (P L) (---) (D G) (---)
(---) (---) (N O) (---) (F L) (---) (B J) (---) (G K) (D I) (---) (A C) (P M) (---) (E H)
(F I) (---) (---) (O A) (---) (G M) (---) (C K) (---) (H L) (E J) (---) (B D) (P N) (---)
(---) (G J) (---) (---) (A B) (---) (H N) (---) (D L) (---) (I M) (F K) (---) (C E) (P O)

and then assign the rows to rounds and the columns to events.  There is not a solution for an odd number of teams, and about the best thing you could do for 15 teams would be to delete the games above on the diagonal (these are all the ones involving team P).  Then every team would have one event they do not play, and one round with a bye.
Requests / Beer olympics!
« Last post by Arank13 on July 04, 2019, 02:23:33 PM »
Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me! Iím hosting a beer olympics event this summer and I will have 15 or 16 teams! (Most likely 16) Iíd love for everyone to play each other once and each event once. Iím open to however many events Iíll need to make this run smoothly, would it be 8, or 15?! this math just goes way over my head! Lol:-[ Thanks in advance!! 
Requests / Limited number of courts
« Last post by wsmyth on June 27, 2019, 10:52:31 PM »
I am sure this is asked and answered, but I searched and could not find it.

I am running racquetball league.

I have eight courts. I have anywhere from eight to 16 players each night.

Each competitor plays five matches. There are either five or six rounds depending on whether there is even or odd number of players, respectively (odd number generates byes made up in the sixth round).

So, this is not round-robin, but each player plays five opponents that are close to the player's skill level.

Any spreadsheet or web page to generate these?
Requests / Re: Bowling: 12 players(2 teams), 6 lanes
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on June 25, 2019, 12:12:52 PM »
I think this schedule will work

(A5 B1) (A6 B2) (A3 B5) (A4 B6) (A1 B3) (A2 B4)
(A2 B6) (A1 B5) (A6 B1) (A5 B2) (A3 B4) (A4 B3)
(A6 B4) (A5 B3) (A1 B6) (A2 B5) (A4 B1) (A3 B2)
(A4 B5) (A3 B6) (A5 B4) (A6 B3) (A2 B2) (A1 B1)
(A1 B2) (A4 B4) (A2 B3) (A3 B1) (A5 B5) (A6 B6)
(A3 B3) (A2 B1) (A4 B2) (A1 B4) (A6 B6) (A5 B5)

The repeated games are all in the lower right hand 2x2 square, so it is probably best to reorder the rounds to keep the repeated games as far apart as possible.