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Comments and Thanks / Team rr vs random team rr
« Last post by ernieo on November 08, 2022, 09:06:49 AM »
I am trying to create a round robin spreadsheet that allows or a specific team or teams to play random teams in a round robin event.  

There are times when teams need to get ready for a tourney and need to play together against random teams in a nights play.  

Lets start with 1 team vs 14 other players on 4 courts.  I would like to be able to do as many as 4 teams vs 8 players making up 16 total players.   Or as many solutions as possible. 

Can that be done?
Ernie O.
Requests / Re: Doubles Pickle ball
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on November 08, 2022, 05:12:20 AM »
I have put some schedules below that should work. 9 players works well as all pairs of players can partner once and oppose twice.  In the schedule for 10 players below all pairs of players, except A & F, partner once and oppose twice - this does mean that these two players have one less game than the others.

9 Players A to I
[(H A):(I F)] [(G C):(B D)]
[(A C):(F G)] [(I H):(E B)]
[(G D):(E I)] [(B A):(H C)]
[(G H):(C I)] [(D E):(A F)]
[(I B):(D A)] [(E G):(F H)]
[(F E):(B C)] [(H D):(G A)]
[(H B):(D F)] [(C E):(A I)]
[(B G):(A E)] [(D I):(C F)]
[(C D):(E H)] [(I G):(F B)]

10 players A to J
[(C F):(G J)] [(A D):(H I)]
[(D J):(B I)] [(E H):(C G)]
[(G I):(A C)] [(E F):(B J)]
[(I J):(E G)] [(C H):(B D)]
[(A I):(B E)] [(F J):(D H)]
[(B H):(A G)] [(D F):(C E)]
[(C J):(A B)] [(F H):(E I)]
[(B G):(D E)] [(C I):(H J)]
[(F I):(B C)] [(A J):(D G)]
[(G H):(B F)] [(A E):(C D)]
[(D I):(F G)] [(E J):(A H)]
Links / Re: New javascript program.
« Last post by wbport on November 06, 2022, 09:10:07 PM »
My site rrpair.php will go dark by the end of November, 2022. It never was more than a hobby and I won't be renewing it when the bill comes due. You can save that page and others linked to on your computer, but save the .php files as .html. My only reason for php was to add a hit counter.

The round robin pages apply to existing teams or individuals, nothing creates a schedule that also includes assigning partners to teams.
Requests / Doubles Pickle ball
« Last post by spdavey on November 06, 2022, 10:52:55 AM »
I need a double round robin for pickle ball for 9 and 10 players on two courts 
Requests / Re: 28 players mixed doubles tennis
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on November 04, 2022, 04:52:42 AM »
Here is a different schedule with 98 games, this time arranged in 14 rounds on 7 courts.

Round      Court 1            Court 2              Court 3            Court 4            Court 5            Court 6            Court 7
  1  (M01 F01 v M02 F02) (M03 F10 v M13 F07) (M04 F08 v M14 F09) (M05 F04 v M11 F13) (M06 F14 v M12 F03) (M07 F11 v M09 F06) (M08 F05 v M10 F12)
  2  (M01 F02 v M02 F01) (M03 F12 v M14 F06) (M04 F05 v M13 F11) (M05 F08 v M12 F10) (M06 F09 v M11 F07) (M07 F13 v M10 F03) (M08 F04 v M09 F14)
  3  (M01 F09 v M05 F12) (M02 F11 v M06 F10) (M03 F03 v M04 F04) (M07 F06 v M13 F01) (M08 F02 v M14 F05) (M09 F13 v M11 F08) (M10 F07 v M12 F14)
  4  (M01 F13 v M06 F07) (M02 F08 v M05 F14) (M03 F04 v M04 F03) (M07 F10 v M14 F12) (M08 F11 v M13 F09) (M09 F01 v M12 F05) (M10 F06 v M11 F02)
  5  (M01 F03 v M09 F08) (M02 F07 v M10 F04) (M03 F11 v M07 F14) (M04 F13 v M08 F12) (M05 F05 v M06 F06) (M11 F01 v M13 F10) (M12 F09 v M14 F02)
  6  (M01 F11 v M10 F13) (M02 F14 v M09 F12) (M03 F01 v M08 F09) (M04 F10 v M07 F02) (M05 F06 v M06 F05) (M11 F03 v M14 F07) (M12 F08 v M13 F04)
  7  (M01 F12 v M13 F03) (M02 F04 v M14 F11) (M03 F05 v M11 F10) (M04 F09 v M12 F06) (M05 F13 v M09 F02) (M06 F01 v M10 F14) (M07 F07 v M08 F08)
  8  (M01 F06 v M14 F10) (M02 F09 v M13 F05) (M03 F13 v M12 F01) (M04 F02 v M11 F14) (M05 F03 v M10 F11) (M06 F12 v M09 F04) (M07 F08 v M08 F07)
  9  (M01 F05 v M03 F14) (M02 F13 v M04 F06) (M05 F07 v M13 F12) (M06 F11 v M14 F08) (M07 F01 v M11 F04) (M08 F03 v M12 F02) (M09 F09 v M10 F10)
 10  (M01 F07 v M04 F11) (M02 F12 v M03 F08) (M05 F01 v M14 F03) (M06 F04 v M13 F02) (M07 F05 v M12 F13) (M08 F14 v M11 F06) (M09 F10 v M10 F09)
 11  (M01 F14 v M07 F09) (M02 F10 v M08 F13) (M03 F07 v M05 F02) (M04 F01 v M06 F08) (M09 F03 v M13 F06) (M10 F05 v M14 F04) (M11 F11 v M12 F12)
 12  (M01 F04 v M08 F06) (M02 F05 v M07 F03) (M03 F09 v M06 F13) (M04 F14 v M05 F10) (M09 F07 v M14 F01) (M10 F02 v M13 F08) (M11 F12 v M12 F11)
 13  (M01 F08 v M11 F05) (M02 F06 v M12 F07) (M03 F02 v M09 F11) (M04 F12 v M10 F01) (M05 F09 v M07 F04) (M06 F03 v M08 F10) (M13 F13 v M14 F14)
 14  (M01 F10 v M12 F04) (M02 F03 v M11 F09) (M03 F06 v M10 F08) (M04 F07 v M09 F05) (M05 F11 v M08 F01) (M06 F02 v M07 F12) (M13 F14 v M14 F13)

The schedule above was made using a mathematical construction as described here (Theorem 3.11 with n=7).

[Edit:  similar schedules for 20 (n=5) and 24 (n=6) players can be found here, and an alterntiave 24 player schedule here]
Comments and Thanks / This site is great! Thanks!
« Last post by Paul Carlino on November 03, 2022, 02:17:16 PM »
I've used this site before to find brackets for pickleball tournaments and it hasn't disappointed.

I came to it today looking for a 14-person mixed doubles tournament where each male/female partner and oppose and easily found exactly what i was looking for.

I just wanted to say thanks. This site is great.
Requests / Re: MIX 28 double Padel - Round tournament schedule - help
« Last post by Ian Wakeling on October 31, 2022, 09:22:37 AM »

I am a bit confused as the schedule you have posted has 15 rounds, while you have 14 rounds in your list of conditions. Surely 14 rounds is better as then it should be possible not to repeat any male-female partnerships.  For 14 rounds it should also be possible to have all opposite sex opponents exactly once, and all but one same sex opponents once (with only 13 possible same sex opponents and 14 rounds, at least one must be opposed twice).  I think I can make such a schedule if that's what you want.
Requests / Re: 28 players mixed doubles tennis
« Last post by travbanan on October 30, 2022, 07:10:54 AM »
No, all of the rest isnt important.
We will schedule the "tournament" through summer weekends so no need to bother with court assignment. We have 6 courts available but we distribute one round to be played saturday/sunday so we only need three.
No such request, you can play with/against your spouse.

Thank you,

Same question from my side but seven courts :)
Requests / MIX 28 double Padel - Round tournament schedule - help
« Last post by travbanan on October 30, 2022, 05:40:18 AM »

I have created a Mix28 double schedule (Male=14 and Female=14). Bur I want help to optimize.
- 14 Male
- 14 Female
- Double games (Mx/Fy - Mz/Fq)
- 14 rounds
- 7 Courts
- Male have a different Female partner all games
- Minimize the number of having the same opponent more that 2
- Maximize number of opponents

I have almost. succeeded, but from round 9 or 10 you start hitting 3 time playing with another opponent.
Here is my result.

Can any one help to balance even better?
Or have some one a schedule for MIX 28?


Requests / Re: Am I asking for the impossible?
« Last post by raydog on October 29, 2022, 08:43:58 AM »
Another fine improvement to my schedule, thanks!