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Richard A. DeVenezia
9949 East Steuben Road
Remsen, NY 13438

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Certified SAS Core Concepts V8SAS Base Programming for SAS®9

Papers - Read them here

VSUG 2008 SAS® Explorer: Use and Customization (14MAY)
SGF 2008 MODULEN (Coauthor: Judy Loren)
NESUG 2007 MODULEN (Coauthor: Judy Loren)
SESUG 2007 Delivering Multi-Sheet Excel Reports from a Parameterized Stored Process (Coauthor: Harry Droogendyk)
SGF 2007 SAS® and Sudoku (Coauthors: Richard A. DeVenezia, John R. Gerlach, Larry Hoyle, Talbot M. Katz, Rick Langston)
SESUG 2006 Solving Jumble Puzzles: Dictionaries, Hashes and Permutations
Oracle's RANK() Smells Good: Using RANK() in Pass-through Queries
NESUG 2006 SAS/AF® and Internet Explorer™
NESUG 2005 SAS® Explorer: Use and Customization
SUGI 30 2005 Java in SAS®: JavaObj, a DATA Step Component Object
Tetris: SAS/AF ® Considerations
Through the Looking Glass: Two Windows into SAS® (Coauthored with Peter Eberhardt)
SUGI 29 2004 Greetings from the Edge: Using JavaObj in DATA Step
- Awarded honorable mention in Applications Development section
SESUG 2003 Greetings from the Edge: Using JavaObj in DATA Step
SUGI 26 2001 SAS/AF® Composite Class: A Detailed Example
NESUG 1999 Using Context Sensitive Menus to Enter Values in a SAS/AF® Data Table Object
NESUG 1996 Doing the impossible with FSEDIT and AF: How a screen and frame can be synchronized
NESUG 1995 Spec Edit: A Frame Based Application for Managing Revision Controlled Specifications
- Coauthored with Kalman J. Gyimesi
SUGI 19 1994 Converting Mainframe Technical Information Resources to a Distributed Environment Using SAS: Two Case Studies
- Coauthored with Kalman J. Gyimesi and Gregg Spindler
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