The Borland file dialog is pretty nice, but there is no built-in mechanism for adding favorites while you work. You can add favorites by placing an appropriate jar in your JBuilder lib/ext folder.

JBuilder file dialog with a customized favorite

Jar this up and put it in your lib/ext. Change the highlighted sections to suit your needs.

import com.borland.primetime.vfs.ui.UrlExplorerCustomizer;
import com.borland.primetime.vfs.ui.UrlExplorerPage;
import com.borland.primetime.vfs.ui.FavoriteUrlAction;
import com.borland.primetime.vfs.Url;
import com.borland.primetime.PrimeTime;
import com.borland.primetime.ide.BrowserIcons;

public class Locations implements UrlExplorerCustomizer {

  public Locations () {

  public static void initOpenTool(byte major, byte minor) {

    // Check OpenTools version number
    if (major != PrimeTime.CURRENT_MAJOR_VERSION)

    UrlExplorerPage.registerUrlExplorerCustomizer(new Locations());

  public void customizeUrlExplorer(UrlExplorerPage page) {
    Url url= new Url(new File("I:/javaProjects/jbuilder"));
    page.addFavorite(new FavoriteUrlAction("Projects", BrowserIcons.ICON_OPEN, url));
Richard A. DeVenezia
This page was last updated 18 February 2002.