SAS Version 8 - First Impressions

Version 8 in Windows NT

Richard A. DeVenezia

One users observations Jan-Apr'00

Version 8 is out and I've started using it for new projects and converting old version 6.12 AF applications to version 8. Overall the transformation is quite remarkable and will take a little getting used to. Despite all the great new stuff, many of us are in the position of converting our now 'legacy' programs and applications to run as flawlessly in the new environment as it did in the old environment.

Also, in the new environment, many of the SAS windows are still presented using the version 6 display manager look and feel and do not meet the expectations or intuitions of a user brought up in Microsoft Windows and Office Suite. The always difficult task of mixing old and new has resulted in some style clashing.

Keys Window

Selecting text in the Definition column

This window should be replaced with a dialog using native host look and feel.

Explorer Window

Dataset context menu

Properties Window



Properties window


Any window containing a table or grid - typically Attribute Name / Value displays

(Note: Some, but not all SAS, windows containing a grid have a Reset push button that causes each column to be resized to width of widest item in the column)

Select an Entry Dialog

Command Bar history

Kudos to SAS Institute for maintaining command history across sessions.

More kudos for having a 'search by typing' feature to auto scroll to most recent command that matches what is being typed.

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