Round Robin Tournament Scheduling

Round robin tournament

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on: December 11, 2022, 02:24:18 PM
I would like to register, but this is not possible.
I have read that there are some files (excell) to download , where you can make a round roubin tournament , but you haave too be a member .

Are there other possibilleties?  (sorry for my English)
I search something for 12 persons , 2 courts , for the whole year  (with 4 buys)
I search something for 10 persons , 2 courts , for the whole year  (with 2 buys)

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Reply #1 on: December 14, 2022, 04:08:45 AM
Thanks for your message.  You do need to be logged in order to download attachments to messages.  However, there is no Excel file here that will help you to make doubles schedules.

There is a schedule here for 10 players and 15 rounds that might be useful.

Follow the "Visit the pages..." link near the top of this page and look for the 12 player whist schedule.  Copies of this can be rearranged for 2 courts - you can remove games, one from each round, to make new rounds for 2 courts - for example remove (2 8 3 6) and (9 5 10 1) to a new round and you have made 3 rounds with 2 courts, this process can be repeated with other pairs of games.