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on: January 23, 2008, 06:38:42 PM
I'm working on an article based on aspects of round robin tournaments (backgammon), combinatronics, simulation, and optimization .. reviewing various on-line resouces for background, I am surprised at how many exist and are quite helpful particularly with mathematical notation and expressions where my skills have grown quite rusty

I've compiled a list of at least 50-60 hyper-links each containing numerous related links of their own which some of you may also find interesting

because of BBcode format, one must tediously split out the url to include them here as hyper-links .. as I do, I'll add them in named groups to this thread .. i'll also include brief annotations and bookmark them at the section of primary interest where appropriate

please feel free to add to, correct, further annotate this thread, or contact me for other information .. i'd also love to share and build a bibliography of annotated print resources for books, journal articles, and conference proceedings