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Mixed Doubles Scheduler for 36 Teams


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on: June 29, 2021, 06:56:09 PM
I am trying to schedule a mixed doubles league with 18 teams with rotating partners.  The teams only play for 5 weeks on 9 courts.  For some reason I cannot find a schedule that fits a mixed doubles league with 18 teams.  Any suggestions?

Ian Wakeling

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Reply #1 on: June 30, 2021, 02:09:23 AM
I think you can use the first 5 rounds (rows) of the spouse avoiding schedule below then a players 5 partners will be different and their 10 opponents will be different, but there will be a little overlap.

(H18 W15 v H07 W04) (H13 W12 v H03 W02) (H05 W17 v H02 W10) (H09 W07 v H17 W14) (H04 W09 v H08 W13) (H16 W01 v H11 W05) (H01 W18 v H06 W08) (H15 W03 v H14 W06) (H10 W16 v H12 W11)
(H07 W08 v H02 W11) (H03 W05 v H17 W18) (H15 W06 v H12 W04) (H01 W09 v H10 W14) (H13 W01 v H16 W10) (H11 W02 v H08 W07) (H09 W15 v H14 W12) (H05 W16 v H18 W13) (H06 W03 v H04 W17)
(H13 W02 v H14 W03) (H10 W17 v H07 W05) (H06 W18 v H17 W13) (H16 W06 v H04 W07) (H15 W09 v H03 W11) (H12 W10 v H18 W08) (H05 W04 v H08 W14) (H09 W12 v H11 W01) (H01 W16 v H02 W15)
(H13 W14 v H10 W12) (H09 W16 v H08 W03) (H03 W01 v H12 W02) (H01 W11 v H18 W17) (H17 W05 v H11 W04) (H15 W13 v H16 W07) (H06 W10 v H07 W09) (H04 W15 v H02 W18) (H05 W06 v H14 W08)
(H09 W14 v H15 W05) (H08 W11 v H02 W07) (H17 W03 v H18 W09) (H10 W01 v H14 W17) (H05 W18 v H16 W12) (H13 W16 v H01 W06) (H12 W15 v H04 W13) (H11 W08 v H07 W02) (H06 W04 v H03 W10)
(H06 W17 v H11 W15) (H13 W09 v H05 W01) (H14 W05 v H18 W07) (H12 W13 v H07 W10) (H09 W02 v H04 W16) (H01 W08 v H17 W12) (H15 W14 v H02 W03) (H03 W06 v H16 W11) (H10 W18 v H08 W04)
(H04 W06 v H17 W01) (H14 W09 v H12 W18) (H08 W02 v H07 W11) (H01 W10 v H09 W03) (H15 W12 v H06 W16) (H03 W17 v H05 W14) (H16 W13 v H10 W04) (H13 W15 v H18 W05) (H11 W07 v H02 W08)
(H09 W13 v H03 W08) (H06 W05 v H12 W03) (H16 W18 v H02 W14) (H17 W15 v H08 W01) (H13 W06 v H07 W17) (H14 W10 v H04 W11) (H10 W09 v H11 W16) (H01 W04 v H05 W02) (H15 W07 v H18 W12)
(H05 W10 v H17 W16) (H12 W06 v H11 W14) (H06 W09 v H16 W08) (H04 W12 v H18 W11) (H14 W01 v H02 W04) (H15 W18 v H10 W02) (H01 W17 v H03 W07) (H09 W05 v H07 W13) (H13 W03 v H08 W15)
(H05 W03 v H10 W11) (H09 W08 v H18 W04) (H13 W07 v H12 W16) (H03 W18 v H11 W06) (H14 W13 v H08 W17) (H06 W12 v H02 W05) (H15 W02 v H17 W10) (H01 W15 v H16 W09) (H04 W01 v H07 W14)
(H12 W01 v H08 W18) (H01 W07 v H04 W10) (H09 W06 v H10 W15) (H03 W04 v H02 W16) (H06 W02 v H18 W14) (H05 W13 v H11 W03) (H16 W05 v H14 W11) (H13 W17 v H15 W08) (H17 W09 v H07 W12)
(H01 W02 v H12 W05) (H06 W15 v H05 W11) (H13 W08 v H04 W14) (H15 W04 v H11 W09) (H09 W10 v H02 W06) (H14 W18 v H07 W16) (H16 W17 v H08 W12) (H10 W03 v H17 W07) (H03 W13 v H18 W01)
(H03 W09 v H14 W07) (H16 W15 v H17 W02) (H01 W13 v H15 W11) (H05 W12 v H07 W06) (H10 W05 v H04 W08) (H09 W04 v H12 W17) (H18 W03 v H02 W01) (H06 W14 v H08 W16) (H13 W10 v H11 W18)
(H15 W17 v H04 W18) (H01 W14 v H11 W13) (H16 W04 v H07 W03) (H13 W05 v H02 W09) (H05 W15 v H12 W07) (H09 W01 v H06 W11) (H10 W06 v H18 W02) (H03 W12 v H08 W10) (H14 W16 v H17 W08)
(H16 W14 v H18 W10) (H15 W16 v H07 W01) (H04 W03 v H11 W12) (H06 W13 v H14 W02) (H03 W15 v H10 W08) (H13 W11 v H17 W04) (H09 W18 v H05 W07) (H12 W09 v H02 W17) (H01 W05 v H08 W06)
(H13 W04 v H06 W07) (H10 W13 v H02 W12) (H14 W15 v H11 W10) (H15 W01 v H05 W08) (H01 W03 v H07 W18) (H18 W06 v H08 W09) (H03 W16 v H04 W05) (H12 W14 v H17 W11) (H09 W17 v H16 W02)
(H17 W06 v H02 W13) (H01 W12 v H14 W04) (H15 W10 v H08 W05) (H16 W03 v H12 W08) (H18 W16 v H11 W17) (H03 W14 v H07 W15) (H13 W18 v H09 W11) (H06 W01 v H10 W07) (H05 W09 v H04 W02)

Other smaller schedules are available in older posts on the message board
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Reply #2 on: July 04, 2021, 03:35:40 PM
Thanks for this