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%macro hasvar (data, var, type);

  %* check if a variable of a given type exists in a dataset;
  %* data - name of data set to check;
  %* var  - name of variable in data set to check for;
  %* type - type of variable in data set to check for, C, N or X;
  %* 0 no such variable or such data set;
  %* 1 variable of indicated type exists in data set;
  %* Richard A. DeVenezia 08/04/99;
  %* Note: if option NOTES is on and the data has a where clause
  %*       that returns no rows, then there will be a note in the log
  %*       NOTE: No observations were selected from data set
  %*       There is currently no way to circumvent this.
  %* mod
  %*  8/10/99 rad process type X as do not care;

  %local hasvar dsid varnum vartype chektype ;

  %let chektype = %upcase (%substr (&type, 1, 1));

  %let hasvar = 0;

  %let dsid = %sysfunc (open (&DATA));

  %if &dsid %then %do;
    %let varnum = %sysfunc (varnum (&dsid, &var));
    %if &varnum %then %do;
       %let vartype = %sysfunc (vartype (&dsid, &varnum));
       %if (&vartype = &chektype) or (X = &chektype) %then
           %let hasvar = 1;
    %let dsid = %sysfunc (close (&dsid));


%mend hasvar;