SAS/AF® Composite Class:
A Detailed Example

by Richard A. DeVenezia, Back to Home

This paper was presented April 23, 2001 at the SUGI 26 conference in Long Beach, California.

Sample Application

Frame with List of Values class

Download the zip compressed sample application catalog:

SUGI26.SC2 - SAS 8 Catalog file: Windows Platform, zipped
SUGI26.XPT - SAS 8 Transport file: Any Platform, zipped

Instructions included with download:

SUGI 26 - 2001: SAS/AF® Composite Class: A Detailed Example
Richard A. DeVenezia

The .zip file you downloaded should contain either
sugi26.sas7bcat or

Requirements: A SAS session with libname EXAMPLE assigned

sugi26.sas7bcat - Windows platform only
Drag the sugi26.sas7bcat file to your SAS EXAMPLE folder.

sugi26-example-transport.xpt - Platform independent
Submit this stub to import the catalog
(assumes you extracted the file to C:\TEMP)

	proc cimport file='C:\TEMP\sugi26-example-transport.xpt' lib=EXAMPLE;

After the EXAMPLE.SUGI26 catalog is in place you can
run the sample application by
submitting this stub:    DM "AFA C=EXAMPLE.SUGI26.QA.FRAME";
or issuing this command: AFA C=EXAMPLE.SUGI26.QA.FRAME

Examine the class design by

Make the class available for use in frames by adding
EXAMPLE.SUGI26.LISTOFVALUES.CLASS to the component palette

You can find additional SAS/AF samples here.

Copyright 2000 Richard A. DeVenezia
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