Round Robin Tournament Scheduling

Need help creating a 23 team random pair round robin

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Desperately stuck with this problem. 

The event is randomly assigned teams made from two entrants. Each entrant must race every other entrant, no teams can be repeated. It's a sailing event. I essentially have two flights of boats so two races shortly after each other but entrants also need time to switch between boats in an ideal world they would get tow races off between their races. I am running up to date office 365 on Mac and therefore a lot of macros on the sheets on this forum and other are not working for me, (my macro permissions are open)! Any suggestions?

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Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 03:35:09 AM
How many boats are there in a flight?

Unfortunately my Excel generator workbook does not work on a Mac, however you can get some of the schedules from Richard's web page here.