Splash - An Image Viewer

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A borderless window image viewer for splashing images on the screen. Everything is controlled from the command line, making it useful for batch or scripted programming.

Splash displays jpg, bmp and png files.

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splash file [seconds]
splash @file [seconds]
splash off
splash -? | -help
file file should be be one file, a wildcarded file specification or a folder name.
@file file should contain a list of files to display.
One filename per line; no wildcards, no folders, no @'s.
Hint: You can use prompt command  DIR /B/S folder  to create file lists.
seconds The duration before another file is shown.
seconds is optional. The default is 8.

>0 the files will stop after the last one is shown.
<0 the files will loop.
=0 the files don't change automatically.
off Quit
-? or -help Usage dialog

Run splash while it is running to change what images are shown.
You can not change seconds if splash is already running.


Show next image
Space key Set forward order and
Show next image
Backspace key Set reverse order and
Show next image
Right click Toggle window border so the window can be moved
Escape key
Q key
H key
? key
Usage dialog

Usage dialog

This is a screen shot of the help dialog window.
Splash help


12/05/03 v1.0 initial release
12/14/03 v1.1 added @file
08/31/09 v1.2 added png handling


Splash uses PNG Delphi by Gustavo Huffenbacher Daud.

Copyright 2003,2009 Richard A. DeVenezia
This page was last updated 31 August 2009.