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on: October 02, 2012, 05:51:36 PM
I've searched and I can't find what I am looking for and trying to set up.  I am looking to set up a bowling round robin with two groups of 12.  Only compete against the bowlers in your own group.  I want to use 24 bowling lanes (12 pairs), where one group bowls on the first 12 lanes for the first 6 games and the other group bowls on the other 12 lanes.  And then after these 6 games I want the groups to flip lanes so that they are bowling on the opposite lanes.  Essentially what I am trying to do is make it that no one will bowl on the same pair of lanes for any of the 11 games.  Thanks.

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Reply #1 on: October 03, 2012, 04:35:48 AM
Have a look at the schedules that you can find here.

Split the one for 12 players like this (where P1 to P12 are the 12 pairs of lanes and the blocks of 6 & 5 rows are the 11 rounds).

 P1     P2   P3    P4    P5    P6
(F D) (J K) (A G) (E L) (C H) (I B)
(E J) (H F) (B K) (I C) (L G) (A D)
(L I) (G B) (J H) (K D) (E A) (C F)
(G C) (L A) (I D) (J B) (F K) (E H)
(H K) (I E) (L C) (F A) (D B) (G J)
(A B) (C D) (E F) (G H) (I J) (K L)

 P7    P8    P9    P10   P11   P12
(D H) (B L) (C J) (A I) (K E) (F G)
(K G) (F J) (D L) (B E) (A C) (H I)
(C E) (K I) (H B) (L F) (G D) (J A)
(I F) (E G) (K A) (D J) (H L) (B C)
(J L) (A H) (G I) (C K) (B F) (D E)

You can use the same schedule for the 2nd group of 12, just flip over the assignments P1-P6 and P7-P12.
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