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"Table of 6" for 12 couples

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Nick Paras(Guest)

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on: December 24, 2005, 04:45:10 PM
Hi Richard,

First off, most informative site. I have a slight variation that is boggling me. I have a group of 12 couples that are interested in having a "table of 6" meaning that 3 couples get together once a month to have dinner and such. I am trying to find out how I can have the groupings unique with having 4 groups of 3 couples. Also, to add interest (or further frustration) would like for the "host" group (or home team I guess) to rotate so that no one group is burdened more than others. I realize that this is not really possible as 4 groups will need to host twice, but trying to make sure everyone does host their table of 6 once. Any ideas? Thanks again.

Saturday, March 6 2004, 11:09 pm
Flower Mound

If you add 4 more couples and change to "table of 8" the social square might serve your needs.  4 couples need to volunteer for rehosting duty.


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This is a pretty interesting problem to solve. I am so used to thinking of these grouping in terms of sports that the question you are asking is making my brain hurt. I have my fingers crossed that somebody will stroll through with an answer.
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