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12 man golf trip 8 rounds

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on: August 18, 2012, 07:09:19 AM
we are going on a trip with 12 players, 8 rounds of golf  and playing in foursomes each round. some days we play 2 man games and some we play 4 man games.
The easy part was to set up a schedule where each player pairs with another golfer at least once but does not pair with 3 players (11 others / 8 rounds = 3)

I want to set up 3 foursomes each of the 8 rounds to ensure each player plays in the same foursome at least twice with each of the other 11 golfers over the 8 rounds

Ian Wakeling

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Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 09:34:05 AM
I have this schedule that works for foursomes:

(A B L I)  (K C J G)  (F E H D)
(C F I L)  (G K D B)  (H J A E)
(J H G I)  (B A F C)  (L E D K)
(G L B J)  (A K F D)  (H I E C)
(E J B F)  (D A I G)  (L C K H)
(K B H A)  (C G E F)  (I D L J)
(F L G H)  (B I K E)  (J D C A)
(E G A L)  (D H C B)  (I F J K)

It came from an old thread in 2006
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