Round Robin Tournament Scheduling

12 Teams and 8 Events

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on: September 01, 2022, 07:54:48 PM
I'm struggling to come up with or find a template schedule involving 12 teams and 8 events.

Each team will play each event once, and not play another team twice.
Each team does not need to play all other teams.

It sounds simple but I am having a hard time!
Thanks in advance.

Ian Wakeling

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Reply #1 on: September 02, 2022, 12:12:00 PM
Here is a square 8x8 schedule for 12 teams (A to L), where each team appears exactly once in each row and exactly once in each column.  The 48 pairs are all distinct.  Hope that helps.

(A E) (G H) (---) (D I) (L C) (---) (K B) (J F)
(K G) (F E) (C J) (---) (A B) (D H) (---) (L I)
(F B) (A D) (K I) (L H) (---) (J E) (G C) (---)
(L D) (---) (A H) (J K) (F I) (C B) (---) (G E)
(---) (J B) (---) (C E) (D G) (F L) (A I) (K H)
(---) (C I) (G F) (---) (J H) (A K) (L E) (D B)
(C H) (---) (L B) (F A) (K E) (G I) (D J) (---)
(J I) (K L) (D E) (G B) (---) (---) (F H) (C A)