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Tournament schedules

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on: December 30, 2005, 08:50:28 PM
The English Tiddlywinks Association faced many of these tournament problems, which were solved by Dr. Nicholas Inglis (and later Dr. Matt Fayers) of the Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club.

I organised these solutions, optimised them for players with rankings (so that important games -- top versus second seeds -- are played late), and put the designs, and printable score-sheets, at

The all-play-all (of singles or teams) tournaments most easily accessible via

The carry-over tournaments (two leagues, the top n of each goes through to the all-play-all final, except that the scores of games already played are re-used) via

and the individual pairs (partner everyone once, oppose everyone twice) via

These are used by Winkers across the globe, and are good for other sports as well.

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WOW this was almost too helpful, thanks seriously a bunch   :o I had the pairing figured out well for euchre, but not the matchings I was going to sit down and figure that out as well, then I started scratching my head going ohhhhh nooooooo
Thank God I found this, thanks one more time