Round Robin Tournament Scheduling

Thank you Ian Wakeling -- Euchre tournament for 6 players.

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Teresa K Park

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I was searching all over Google for a 6 player rotation, gave up, tried to do it myself and failed. Then finally found your ingenious solution. THANK YOU!!!! 

We love euchre, but can't always get 8 together to play. I already had rotations for 8/9/10/11 & 12 for our 2012 Euchre Pals Club of friends. Too many retired friends traveling or at their lake homes or visiting grandchildren, so the 6 player rotation will fill the bill for getting two more couples together and playing more often than the 2012 Club can get together. You're the best.

Or, I guess we could also do 2 tables of Club Buck Euchre to change it up a bit. Haven't played that since Purdue mid 70's as a study diversion while watching Star Trek series.
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