Round Robin Tournament Scheduling

Five rounds of golf

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Ian Stock(Guest)

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on: December 23, 2005, 12:57:03 AM

I need help on a variant of the Round Robin.

I have two teams (the "Lets" and the "Nums") of six golfers (per team).

Each player will play 5 rounds of golf .  Each round will see two Lets (e.g. A,B) against two Nums (1,2).  I am trying to plan the pairings to optimize who plays with and against whom.

As there are 5 rounds, and each player has 5 team members, it is relatively easy to set the team pairings so that each player plays with a team mate only once.

How can I set the matches so that each person plays against the others no more than twice, and at least once?

Friday, August 29 2003, 01:44 pm