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Title: Blind Draw COED Doubles Tournament
Post by: AZIMPFER on August 03, 2022, 01:15:17 PM
Hi Everyone - I am running a "King of the Beach" style sand doubles volleyball tournament every other Friday and have different numbers each time but the ratio of male to female is always the same. 

I'm looking for a simple way to schedule a round robin where the same GENDER cannot be on the same team. (Team 1 = M1 & F1) Each time they play, they play with a different partner, so it's rotating. 

I have 3 courts to work with. Anyone have any suggestions? I am Excel beginner/intermediate savvy - I do not have any formulas on my spreadsheet. I've been doing it manually the last few weeks and my brain hurts. ::)

I typically have 12 males and 12 females and because it's on a Friday evening, I only have time for 6 rounds before I seed them and put them in a tournament bracket with their permanent partner. 

Title: Re: Blind Draw COED Doubles Tournament
Post by: Ian Wakeling on August 04, 2022, 12:39:55 PM
I think the following works for 12 males amd 12 females:

 (M1  F6 v M2  F11) (M5 F10 v  M6 F3)  ( M9  F2 v M10 F7)
 (M3  F4 v M4   F9) (M7  F1 v  M8 F8)  (M11  F5 v M12 F12)

 (M1  F7 v M3  F12) (M5 F11 v  M7 F4)  ( M9  F3 v M11 F8)
 (M4  F1 v M2  F10) (M6  F2 v  M8 F5)  (M10  F6 v M12 F9)

 (M1  F3 v M8   F9) (M5  F7 v M12 F1)  ( M9 F11 v M4  F5)
 (M2  F4 v M11  F2) (M3  F6 v  M6 F8)  ( M7 F10 v M10 F12)

I believe that a players 3 partners and 6 opponents should all be different - but I have not checked it completely.

Hope that helps.