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Riding My Tricycle by Ann DeVenezia Author: Ann DeVenezia, Grave Rubbings

Riding My Tricycle

Poetry of Dreams and Visions
by Ann M. DeVenezia

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Waking and sleeping experiences are inextricably intertwined, causing dreams and visions to mingle throughout our days and nights. At home and abroad, when we meet strangers and relatives, they have a way of entering our dreams. While we sleep, our lives become inhabited with the spirits of those who exist and those who have died, as well as fantastic characters whom we meet for the first time. This cycle continues into the day, when we carry mysterious episodes and stories away from the dream into daylight. This book brings together the nights and days of a woman who recognizes the importance of staying in touch with our ideas and emotions, whether awake or asleep. With delightful imagery and sustained passion, her poems portray the people and creatures who inhabit our conscious and subconscious moments. The magical innocence of childhood memories combines with the maturity of adult wisdom. Readers will recognize some of their own fears and desires through the eyes and ears of this perceptive poet.

Grave Rubbings by Ann DeVenezia Author: Ann DeVenezia, Grave Rubbings

Grave Rubbings
by Ann M. DeVenezia

This book honors the author’s Lupardi and Zaccagnio ancestors and The Rose City of Madison, New Jersey.

Eighty poems depict thirty-one family members buried in Saint Vincent Martyr Cemetery.

Chapter headings reflect the names of patented roses developed in Madison. Landscape and memory poems illuminate the rose Spellbound. Poetry in Totty’s Red and Better Times connects with her father’s life as a commercial rose grower. Briarcliff and Yellow Gloria highlight her mother’s life as a homemaker. Poems for Talisman and Peace portray various relatives. The main motifs are her Italian heritage, the rose growing industry, and a family that was not afraid to make its dreams come true.

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Marie DeVenezia, A Grain of Sand A Grain of Sand [ pdf ]
Marie DeVenezia

A Grain of Sand is the true life story of a woman, orphaned at the age of ten, who emigrated to this country at the height of the immigrant wave.
In her touching testimony to life in America, she tells of first experiences in a new land, adjustments to change, the agonies of parting at wartime, and the joys and sorrows of raising a large family.
Her triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles is personally detailed in this volume.

About the Author
MARIE SAPORITO DEVENEZIA was born in Avellino, Italy, in 1896, and emigrated to the United States when she was fourteen years old. Married, at the age of seventeen to Nicola, she has raised nine children, and now has 40 grandchildren and twenty-six great grandchildren. With the writing of this book, at the age of 80, she has realized her desire to share the experiences of her life with future generations.

Mary Lupardi, Memoirs Memoirs of Mary Lupardi

This document was transcribed from material written longhand by Mary Lupardi of Closter, NJ. As such, it can be considered an original source of an oral anecdotal family history from a first generation Italian American. Mary was a devoted wife, mother, sister and daughter and her writing expresses the pride she had in the accomplishments of her children and an apparent humility about the hardships she overcame.
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