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Round Robin Tournament Scheduling
09/02/14 at 07:30:24
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Hello, and welcome to this Round Robin Tournament Scheduling community. more... Hosted by Richard A. DeVenezia

Learn more about round robin schedules, or look at some schedules.
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Round Robin Schedule (Read 1393 times)

Round Robin Schedule
07/26/10 at 07:31:13
I thought I had 9 people in a tennis league until last night.  I put together a schedule based on 9 people.  I received a message after completing a schedule that 1 more person was interested in playing.  I tried to put together a schedule for 10 late last night.  I was about to pull my hair out several times when I decided to sleep on it.  I came across your Round Robin Scheduling this morning.  I am very grateful for finding your scheduling system.  
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