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Round Robin Tournament Scheduling
07/27/17 at 04:33:45
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1  Schedules / Requests / Modified round robin, 11 teams, 1 triple ea round
 on: Today at 01:24:19 
Started by ndodge | Post by ndodge
I am running a volleyball tournament where I have a lot of nets, enough to do a full round robin of 11 teams where 10 of the teams are playing each time and 1 sitting.  However, there is a volleyball variant called tri-ball where two nets separate 3 teams.  I'd like to add this and have 3 teams playing this each round, and the other 8 teams playing against each other on the other courts, with normal 2 teams per court.
I was hoping to take a standard 11 team round robin schedule, and for each round, pull 2 teams off the schedule to play tri-ball along with the team that otherwise would have had a bye.  If I do this each round in a balanced fashion, I believe that everyone would play tri-ball 3 times.  I tried, by hand, to pull 2 teams off of the standard round robin schedule in each round so that each team got pulled off twice total, but I can't seem to pick the right pairs from the standard schedule so every team gets pulled off only twice.
Is this easy to do programmatically ?
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2  Schedules / Requests / Re: 9 golfers - 4 games
 on: 07/24/17 at 02:54:03 
Started by Lee Perriam | Post by Ian Wakeling
There are schedules for both of these options if you follow the links below:
best possible schedule for 36 players
perfect schedule for 39 players
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3  Schedules / Requests / 13 threesomes per round
 on: 07/21/17 at 08:31:04 
Started by Lee Perriam | Post by Bandit
Would it be possible to get a fixture list with 12 threesomes (36 players) or 13 threesomes (39 players) per round?
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4  Schedules / Requests / Re: Multi-sport Round Robin help!!
 on: 07/11/17 at 03:28:44 
Started by ezertuchev | Post by Ian Wakeling
Hi Eduardo,
Use the 1st schedule in reply #1 here.  Not only will this give you what you want, it is also arranged so that after the 5th round is played,  each team will have played all 5 sports exactly once.
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5  Schedules / Requests / Multi-sport Round Robin help!!
 on: 07/10/17 at 17:53:18 
Started by ezertuchev | Post by ezertuchev
We're making a multi-sport or multi-discipline tournament, where 10 teams have to play 5 different sports for 9 dates.
All sports are played simultaneously.
For instance
Soccer     Football     Basketball     Volleyball     Softball
   A J           E F             C H               D G           B I  
and so on for each week.  
I've made an excel table to do this (by hand), and I've organized it so that every team plays all sports 2 times except 1 (I can add a 10th date so every team plays all sports twice, but then they would have to repeat playing against another team). But no matter how I try, I always have a team that plays a sport 3 times. I've attached my excel file to give you a better idea of what I mean.
Please help! We start on Wednesday and I haven't been able to get around this issue.
Eduardo Z.
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6  Schedules / Requests / Re: Mixed Doubles Round Robin for 12 Players
 on: 07/08/17 at 11:20:41 
Started by Guest | Post by Ian Wakeling
It is possible to have a tournament like this, however I don't believe that it is possible to schedule it so that there are 6 rounds, each with 3 matches played simultaneously.  The best solution I am aware of is to play 9 rounds of 2 matches as follows:

    Court 1         Court 2          Byes
(M1 F2 v M6 F3) (M2 F1 v M4 F4)  (M3 M5 F5 F6)
(M3 F4 v M5 F3) (M4 F6 v M6 F5)  (M1 M2 F1 F2)
(M1 F6 v M3 F1) (M2 F5 v M5 F2)  (M4 M6 F3 F4)
(M3 F5 v M6 F4) (M4 F3 v M5 F6)  (M1 M2 F1 F2)
(M1 F5 v M2 F6) (M5 F1 v M6 F2)  (M3 M4 F3 F4)
(M1 F3 v M2 F4) (M3 F2 v M4 F1)  (M5 M6 F5 F6)
(M1 F4 v M4 F2) (M2 F3 v M6 F1)  (M3 M5 F5 F6)
(M1 F1 v M5 F5) (M2 F2 v M3 F6)  (M4 M6 F3 F4)
(M3 F3 v M4 F5) (M5 F4 v M6 F6)  (M1 M2 F1 F2)

The repeated same sex opposition pairs are M1M2, M3M4, M5M6, F1F2, F3F4 & F5F6.
Hope that helps.
PS I have moved your message here, since replies are not possible in the comments area.
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7  Schedules / Requests / Mixed Doubles Round Robin for 12 Players
 on: 07/07/17 at 15:38:25 
Started by Guest | Post by Guest
Trying to schedule a mixed doubles round robin (6 males & 6 females) where:
1) each female is teamed with each male once (6 matches) and
2) each female plays against each male player no more than once.
Is this possible?  I realize each female will paly against one other female a second time.
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8  Guestbook / Comments / Moved: Mixed Doubles Round Robin for 12 Players
 on: 07/07/17 at 15:38:25 
Started by Ian Wakeling | Post by Ian Wakeling
This topic has been moved to Requests by Ian Wakeling.
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9  Schedules / Requests / Re: A-Flight/B-Flight teams that change every week
 on: 07/05/17 at 10:54:39 
Started by davidjtoth | Post by davidjtoth
Thank you for your prompt response Ian!!
Greatly appreciated!
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10  Schedules / Requests / Re: A-Flight/B-Flight teams that change every week
 on: 07/05/17 at 09:42:07 
Started by davidjtoth | Post by Ian Wakeling
The scenario you have described is really the same as mixed doubles, just rename  the two genders as flights A and B.   There are two schedules below for 20 and 24 players, which have 10 and 12 rounds respectively, where every member of flight A partners with every member of flight B.  Note that same flight opposition pairs can not be balanced, so everyone has one member of the same flight who they oppose twice.
[(A05 B01):(A02 B07)] [(A09 B05):(A08 B02)] [(A01 B03):(A07 B06)] [(A03 B09):(A06 B08)] [(A04 B10):(A10 B04)]
[(A01 B06):(A08 B05)] [(A03 B08):(A02 B01)] [(A05 B07):(A06 B09)] [(A09 B02):(A07 B03)] [(A04 B04):(A10 B10)]
[(A06 B04):(A09 B08)] [(A10 B06):(A07 B09)] [(A04 B02):(A08 B01)] [(A02 B10):(A01 B07)] [(A03 B03):(A05 B05)]
[(A06 B10):(A07 B05)] [(A02 B04):(A08 B03)] [(A05 B08):(A10 B02)] [(A03 B07):(A04 B06)] [(A01 B01):(A09 B09)]
[(A04 B03):(A01 B08)] [(A10 B05):(A09 B07)] [(A03 B10):(A08 B09)] [(A05 B04):(A07 B01)] [(A02 B02):(A06 B06)]
[(A04 B09):(A07 B02)] [(A06 B07):(A01 B04)] [(A02 B08):(A09 B10)] [(A10 B01):(A08 B06)] [(A03 B05):(A05 B03)]
[(A03 B02):(A10 B07)] [(A05 B06):(A04 B08)] [(A02 B05):(A07 B04)] [(A06 B03):(A08 B10)] [(A01 B09):(A09 B01)]
[(A05 B10):(A09 B06)] [(A10 B03):(A06 B01)] [(A03 B04):(A01 B02)] [(A04 B05):(A02 B09)] [(A08 B08):(A07 B07)]
[(A05 B09):(A08 B04)] [(A03 B01):(A07 B10)] [(A04 B07):(A09 B03)] [(A10 B08):(A01 B05)] [(A02 B06):(A06 B02)]
[(A10 B09):(A02 B03)] [(A05 B02):(A01 B10)] [(A04 B01):(A06 B05)] [(A03 B06):(A09 B04)] [(A08 B07):(A07 B08)]
[(A03 B02):(A08 B06)] [(A07 B03):(A11 B09)] [(A12 B12):(A05 B05)] [(A01 B07):(A06 B10)] [(A10 B11):(A02 B04)] [(A04 B01):(A09 B08)]
[(A01 B05):(A02 B08)] [(A10 B10):(A03 B03)] [(A08 B11):(A09 B06)] [(A07 B01):(A06 B12)] [(A11 B04):(A12 B02)] [(A05 B07):(A04 B09)]
[(A05 B01):(A02 B10)] [(A07 B08):(A08 B07)] [(A11 B06):(A10 B09)] [(A03 B11):(A04 B05)] [(A12 B03):(A06 B02)] [(A01 B04):(A09 B12)]
[(A07 B12):(A09 B11)] [(A12 B08):(A02 B06)] [(A01 B02):(A04 B07)] [(A11 B05):(A08 B04)] [(A06 B01):(A05 B09)] [(A10 B03):(A03 B10)]
[(A11 B02):(A06 B05)] [(A05 B10):(A09 B04)] [(A04 B03):(A02 B01)] [(A10 B06):(A01 B12)] [(A07 B07):(A08 B08)] [(A12 B11):(A03 B09)]
[(A06 B06):(A04 B04)] [(A03 B05):(A01 B09)] [(A11 B08):(A09 B10)] [(A10 B07):(A12 B01)] [(A08 B12):(A02 B03)] [(A07 B11):(A05 B02)]
[(A07 B09):(A10 B04)] [(A06 B07):(A02 B11)] [(A12 B05):(A05 B12)] [(A11 B03):(A04 B08)] [(A03 B06):(A09 B01)] [(A01 B10):(A08 B02)]
[(A12 B07):(A09 B03)] [(A10 B12):(A04 B02)] [(A08 B10):(A06 B09)] [(A03 B08):(A05 B04)] [(A11 B11):(A01 B01)] [(A07 B06):(A02 B05)]
[(A12 B10):(A04 B11)] [(A10 B01):(A08 B05)] [(A07 B04):(A01 B03)] [(A02 B02):(A09 B09)] [(A03 B12):(A06 B08)] [(A11 B07):(A05 B06)]
[(A11 B12):(A03 B07)] [(A01 B06):(A05 B03)] [(A10 B08):(A06 B11)] [(A02 B09):(A09 B02)] [(A07 B05):(A04 B10)] [(A12 B04):(A08 B01)]
[(A12 B09):(A01 B08)] [(A06 B04):(A04 B06)] [(A07 B02):(A03 B01)] [(A08 B03):(A05 B11)] [(A10 B05):(A09 B07)] [(A11 B10):(A02 B12)]
[(A10 B02):(A05 B08)] [(A11 B01):(A01 B11)] [(A03 B04):(A02 B07)] [(A07 B10):(A12 B06)] [(A08 B09):(A04 B12)] [(A06 B03):(A09 B05)]
I am afraid I don't know how to make a similar schedule for 18 or 22 players.
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